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up >> leon panetta speaks out about navy seals,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> welcome back. the head of the chicago school board says he thinks there could be a deal to date and the city's teachers strike. this is the second day of the walk out in the nation's third largest school district. he issues are job security and teacher evaluations. >> this is video just released by wisconsin police of the shooting rampage that killed six members of a sikh temple. the officer who first arrived at the scenes as the shooter chased him down firing several rounds towards him. police say the gunman shot and killed himself as officers closed in. al qaeda and no. 2 leader in yemen is dead. officials confirmed the debt but not reports that it was a missile who killed him and six others. he had spent six years locked up in guantanamo bay >> secretary of defense leon panetta appeared on cbs this morning. he was asked about the controversial book by a navy seal who took part in the raid that killed osama bin laden's >> there is no question the american people have a right to know about this operation w
with hillary clinton. he held this meeting with leon panetta and, according to mr. panetta, he appeared in robust health. from one insider we heard that he injured his back while he was swimming. that is one reason that the party put him forward for this absence. the fact that the man expected to become one of the most powerful leaders anywhere on earth disappeared for two weeks, it shows you how opaque the chinese political system remains. >> he used very strong language against tokyo and leon panetta there. he is going to have to try to assuage the beijing concerns, is in not? >> america and japan have a very close military alliance. it is worth pointing out that the bbc has just spoken to leon panetta, and he has delivered a very stark warning. he said that these territorial dispute need to be resolved peacefully, otherwise they risk becoming violent conflicts. and he said they cannot be allowed to become the kind of dynamite that can result in a larger conflict. in terms of america, he said there was a risk of the u.s. being drawn into a conflict. giving you some indication of the w
to rein in their behavior. he made the comments during a meeting with leon panetta. he told the bbc it would be important for the countries to resolve the dispute. >> uninhabited and isolated, they could spark war in asia. offer there is some oil and gas at here, but it is national pride at stake. already, ships are fighting at sea, japan and china duelling. chinese nationalists tried to plant their fight last month. japan says that they have bought the islands. they have urged restraint. there has been a fury in china, people here are taught to remember the japanese wartime atrocities and encouraged to believe that type of's power is rising. this is a combustible mix. -- they are occurs to to believe that japan's power is rising. there is aggressive nationalism in china and also attention with its neighbors. that means with a small incident, it could set off a dangerous dynamic. it could even soft in america which has a defense treaty obliging it to help japan in any conflict. >> these kinds of incidents could drag the u.s. into it in one capacity or another. it cannot be allowed t
tonight. >>> leon panetta paid tribute on this 11th anniversary. he says there is a spirit of service that drives this country. >> reporter: we also honor the courageous efforts of the first responders, the rescue workers, and countless civilians and military pentagon employees whose efforts to save the wounded prevented further loss of life. their actions that day reflect the very spirit of this great country of ours. >> panetta led the way in honoring more than 107 people who were killed at the pentagon. vice president biden marked the 9/11 anniversary in shanksville, pennsylvania. he honored the men and women who died there. >> the heroism of your husbands lives, sons, daughters, fathers, what they did for this country is still etched in the minds of not only you, but millions of americans. >> the vice president laid a wreath at a memorial honoring the victims. that memorial is still being built. organizers say they need to raise about $5 million to complete the memorial. >>> as the nation pauses to remember 9/11 what are your memories of that tragic day? where were you? on our fac
. leon panetta was here to lift the ban on new zealand trip docking on american port. it started in 1986 after new zealand stopped nuclear vessels after they stopped america in its port. the united states needs new zealand as part of its strategy re-engaging with pacific nations. >> one of the elements of the strategy, the defense strategy that we put in place is aimed at trying to develop a rotational presence by the united states in this area that involves greater exercises, greater training, greater systems with the countries in this region and as i mentioned to the minister, i hope that we will be able to engage in those kinds of exercises in the near future. i think it would be beneficial. >> the expansion of china's armed forces is what concerns washington. although official chinese spending is far behind, the americans believe the truth is much higher. this week, a intelligent of american marines leaves northern australia after a six-month stay. another sign of closer u.s. ties in the region. those marines will be back here next year in greater numbers. all parts of an incremental
, monday, leon panetta toured the memorial with united flight 93 went down. at sunset, 40 luminaries lit the wall. vice president biden will attend ceremonies there later this morning. and good news for visitors to the 9/11 memorial in new york. a dispute over how to fund construction of a museum on the memorial grounds was resolved monday night. >> we feel the public is so needing this complimentary experience to the memorial. >> reporter: construction begins at the end of the month. >> that was susan mcginnis reporting this morning. >>> important news for tens of thousands of first responders who worked at the world trade center site and were exposed to toxic chemicals. the government added some 50 types of cancer. >> reporter: for three years, firefighter ray pfeiffer has been saying the hundreds of hours he worked had something to do with his advanced kidney cancer. >> it's like vindication, saying hey listen, we recognize that we were down there, we did get sick from down there, and it's a little bit of relief. >> reporter: last year, the world trade center health program was grante
. >> and at the pentagon, that will start in just about 30 minutes from now. leon panetta will be there speaking and talking directly not only to the american people but to the families of the victims. that also includes a wreathe laying and a moment of silence and president barack obama will be there as well. just a moment ago, you watched here live on ktvu channel 2 morning news as the president and first lady led a moment of silence on the lawn of the white house and last night 40 lanterns were place -- lanterns were placed in shanksville pennsylvania where the plane crashed and you can see that at the bottom of the memorial. they represent the 40 passengers and crew members who died on that flight on september 11th, 11 years ago. it was original bound for san francisco vice-president joseph biden will be speaking there at the shangri-la -- shanksville pennsylvania memorial. >>> allie rasmus is live in fremont to tell us how the south bay is marking this day, allie? >>> we are at the veterans memorial in fremont and you can see there is a group of about 35 to 40 people taking part in a can te
>>> good morning. welce to "cbs this morning." defense secretary leon panetta blasts the navy seal who wrote a book about osama bin laden's raid. >>> new accusations about what the bush administration knew about al qaeda months before the 9/11 attack. >>> a mystery in china where the country's future leader has disappeared. and andy murray will be here in studio 57 today. >>> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >>> how can we run sensitive operations here if people are allowed to do that? >> defense secretary leon panetta tells cbs news a book about the bin laden raid crosses the line. >> you want this navy seal prosecuted? >> i think we have to take steps to make clear that we're not going to accept this kind of behavior. >>> it was 11 years ago today a terrorist group hijacked airliners into the world trade center, the pentagon, and in pennsylvania. >> the agreement to complete the museum at the site. >>> for a second day, thousands of chicago teachers are heading back to the picket line this morning as negotiations remain gridlocked
sensitive operations here if people are allowed to do that? >> defense secretary leon panetta tells cbs news a book about the bin laden raid crosses the line. >> you want this navy s.e.a.l. prosecuted? >> i think we have to take steps to make it clear that we're not going to accept this kind of behavior. >> 11 years ago terrorists who hijacked airliners into the world trade center, the pentagon and a field in pennsylvania. >> completing the museum at the site. >> president obama observed a moment of silence at white house, marking the moment when the first plane hit the world trade center. >> for a second day, thousands of chicago teachers are heading back to the picket line as negotiations remain gridlocked. >>> emerged the grand slam champi champion, andy murray wins the u.s. open. >> it wasn't just important for me, but as a country as a whole. >>> duke and duchess of cambridge have arrived in singapore, ahead of their diamond jubilee tour of asia. >> i don't mean dominated but in the sense of -- >> absolutely not. >> i need new glasses, went and got some glasses. >> i don't want to accus
in any discussions with hillary clinton, robert b. imus leon panetta? was she in the room? >> unclear, but probably not. there were a lot of discussions between valerie jarrett and the president himself. barack obama has said about valerie jarrett company told "the new york times" in 2009, i never make an important decision without talking to valerie jarrett first. he said he may support two to three times a day. if you look at what has this deluxe can you notice in the first of the administration, while we were hunting bin laden, to direct here, leon panetta only visited the white house nine times. so we have two or three times a day in one hand versus nine times in two years. >> host: you describe in your book how he met with the president far more often than the white house loves. you mention in the discussion in this particular case study that the president was able to make smart decisions, but never the big decisions along the way. >> guest: that's right. people tend to think of it as a movie where the president picks up the phone and tells them where to go and they take off. but
dempsey and defense secretary leon panetta. american airlines flight 77 left dulles airport at 8:20 a.m. on september 11th, 2001. it was supposed to go to los angeles but somewhere over indianapolis five hijacks took over the plane. they turned it back toward washington and crashed it into the pentagon killing the crew of six and all 53 passengers as well as the hijackers. the plane hit the pentagon at the first floor level on the western side. one section of the building collapsed. 125 workers here that day were killed, many of them civilians. the pentagon memorial was completed and open to the public this 2008. the 7th anniversary of the attacks. it's usually open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. today it will be closed for this morning's ceremonies and will reopen to the public at noon. tony and allison, we do expect many people to come here after noon to pay their respects here at the 9/11 memorial. president obama and the first lady after the ceremonies wrap up here this morning will then travel to the walter reed naval medical center in bethesda to spend some time with wounded warr
will be speaking there today. yesterday defense secretary leon panetta visited the flight 93 national memorial calling it the final resting place of american patriots. >> it's the spirit that was reflected in the heroes here who were willing on a plane to suddenly charge ahead knowing -- knowing that it was very likely that they were giving their lives for their country. that kind of sacrifice, that kind of commitment, that kind of dedication, that kind of courage is what makes this country strong. and we had damn well better remember that every day. >> reporter: here's a look at how you can remember 9/11 here in washington at 9:37 this morning, the exact moment the third plane flew into the pentagon, there's going to be a moment of silence at arlington national cemetery and the cemetery will be open to the public. but not open to the public, the pentagon memorial. it's going to be closed from 5:00 a.m. to noon for a private ceremony for the survivors and the victims' families. if you really want to do something today, really give back, i would say check out the national day of service and rem
and center. the defense minister leon panetta has been in beijing for top level talks trying to reassure china that the united states is staying neutral on this dispute and wants to see it negotiated calmly. right now, of course, with the u.s. involved in this, this just goes to show how tense this situation is coming particularly at a time when china is now emerging as a hot button issue in the u.s. presidential election. stan grant, cnn, beijing. >>> as stan just mentioned defense secretary leon panetta is talking to chinese leaders about those tensions riszing in asia. today he met with china's vice president in beijing. let's bring in cnn's michael holmes right now. this is a very difficult situation because you're talking about the u.s. military ally is japan, trade ally is china. how is leon panetta managing juggling all of this today? >> very carefully, i think, you could say. it's a real balancing act. you know, he is having to appear not to take sides. saying outright that the u.s. is not taking sides in this issue, while at the same time trying to calm the rhetoric of which the
. these are live pictures from the pentagon where defense secretary leon panetta will speak to employees at the pentagon on this 11th anniversary. in reno we're a few minutes away from governor mitt romney from addressing thousands of national guard officers. it will give him an opportunity on to talk more about the wars in afghanistan. we know his speech at the rnc did not include words about afghanistan. his team has pushed back heavily on that. we'll see what he says differently this time around. >>> another big story we're following today. day two of the teacher strike in chicago. they are meeting and talking a lot, but still no breakthrough. find out where things stand right now. >>> both campaigns have suspended advertising today, but there's still news from the campaign trail. join our conversation and let us know what you feel on this 9/11, 11 years later. @tamronhall and @newsnation is where you can reach us. most of the pain i experience is neck pain that also becomes headaches. i was very skeptical about aspirin. bayer advanced was completely different. it really did get rid o
and leon panetta? was she a member? >> guest: unclear but probably not. there were a lot of discussions between valerie jarrett and the president himself and remember what barack obama had said about valerie jarrett. he told "the new york times" in 2009, never make an important decision without talking to valerie jarrett first. he said he speaks with her two to three times a day and if you look at white house visitor logs you will notice the first two administrations while they were hunting bin laden, the visitor logs, leon panetta only visits the white house nine times that we have two to three times a day on one hand versus nine times in two years so you have an enormous influence of valerie jarrett. >> host: you describe in your book how a number of political advisers met with the residents far more often judging by the president logs. >> guest: very interested in politics. huskey you've mentioned this particular case study that the president was able to make small decisions but never the big decisions along the way. >> guest: that's right. people tend to think of it like a movie whe
armadas, se piden más control con nuevas politicas de entrenamiento >>leon panetta llamo al orden a las fuerzas armadas y les exigio implementar medidas eficientes para impedir los abusos dentro de las filas >>las estadisticas dicen que el 88% de las víctimas son mujeres >>carolaine fue parte de un grupo que investigo los abusos a mujeres dentro de las filas y su temor a denunciar >>reciben un mensaje que no deben hablar de cosas como abusos. >>la diferencia de rangos hace que los superiores se aprovechen de sus víctimas. >>las veteranas por lo menos fueron violadas en dos oportunidades, concluyó el estudio >>una mujer tiene más posibilidad de ser víctima de violencia sexual, que ser asesinada. >>el secretario león panetta le dio la categoria de prioridad urgente, y dio plazo hasta diciembre para recibir un plan >>muchas gracias, cambiamos de tema, más latinos estan en favor de la pena de muerte 52% y 32% se opone >>esto se revela en una encuesta en california. >>hablamos ahora de economía,noticias sobre el mercado inmobiliario, las ventas de casas se elevan por tercer mes conse
assault. >> leon panetta warned spreading protest may last for days. hallie jackson joins us live with that story. what is the latest on protests for the middle east? >> protesters are setting cars on fire near kabul. anti-american demonstrations spread to australia and belgium. one protester died in pakistan. more protests beginning today. >> i believe these offenses in the film are so great and dangerous. >> the deadly assaults in libya last week started as a reaction to the anti-islam film. it was produced in the united states. >> opportunistic extremist elements came to the consulate as this was unfolding. >> it is a different story from libya's congressional president, who says the violent protest was planned by foreigners that entered the country months ago. >> this leaves us with no doubt that this has been planned and predetermined. >> how spontaneous is a demonstration when people bring rocket-propelled grenades and heavy weapons? >> we continue to see more of these evacuations. nongovermental employees now ordered out of tunisia and sudan by the state department. and a t
service at the site where flight 93 crashed near shanksville, pennsylvania. leon panetta was there yesterday. he took a tour and participated in a wreath-laying ceremony. that stone wall is covered with the names of the passengers and crew who died that day. >>> you'll see a heightened security presence today on metro in montgomery county. police officers will be using a new safety tool. they're carrying devices on their belts that detect radiation. a hit caused lights to flash and a vibration or audio signal. the department recently bought 40 detectors with federal grant money. >> the type of radiation we're trying to detect is the type of radiation that would be seen as the ideal ingredient for a weapons of mass destruction, a dirty bomb, one of the ingredients that the terrorists would like to use. >> police say there is no threat against metro. but officials are just being proactive. a montgomery county police spokesperson says during the months they've used the devices, there has only been one alarm. >>> before we go any further, i want to turn to tom kierein and get
on the plan under george debut bush. leon panetta at -- leon panetta once the troops to stay there passed the 2011 deadline. the president has not earned his nobel peace prize. that is for sure. [applause] john: the audience agrees what do you think? next. [applause] it was the biggest race of the year, and no matteoqat, i was gonna win. someti[js...things happen you just canoi explain. )a ♪ oh, i believe there e angels among us... ♪r> and some things ar more importanthan winning. #% ♪ sent iíwn to us #]from somewhere up(above ♪r2 #o♪hey come to you and me ♪ i don't remember who won the ra that day...r2 ♪ to show usfr how to live, ♪ ... bui'll(never forget how i felt. ♪ to teach us f:how to give ♪ to guide us with the light of love. ♪ [applause] john: audience participation. we are here with mark meckler, ed hadley, and nick gillespie. first from facebook is putting forward gary johnson rarely of vote for obama like hannity say? >> i think of bofa gary johnson was a legitimate boat to let people live their lives. will not elect obama. if mitt romney loses this elec
are coming in again. >>> 5:40 is the time right now and leon panetta will talk about the new missile agreement and protection from japan. >>> and also this is a sad day for sierra lemar, the special way the missing teen is being honored. >>> traffic marin, looking good as you drive to central san rafael and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? rookie. okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪ ♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. . >>> here is a quick look, 5:43 look at this occupied protesters taking over right outside wall street. now happening here in new york, also here all over the country and as we are speaking,
they were raped and she asked defense secretary leon panetta what's being done to stop it. >> how many of you were raped while you were serving nur country? how many of your assailants served prison time for your rape? how many of you felt like you were personally retaliated against? wow. show of hands almost says it all. these are jus a few of the women and men who say they've been raped in the military. last year, more than 3,000 service members reported sexual assaults. but according to the department of defense, that's only a tiny representation of the real number. which is closer to 19,000. because most victims don't come forward. and of the cases that are reported, only a fraction are prosecuted. >> i knew joining the military was going to be a sacrifice. this wasn't the intended sacrifice i was willing to make. >> i think we owe all of those who have been impacted, not just an apology, but we owe them the effort to make sure that this doesn't happen again. there's no place in this department. >> reporter: secretary of defense leon panetta said since taking over last year he's ma
, speaking at the pentagon today, defense secretary leon panetta invoked the courage of the thousands of -- excuse me the courage of the passengers of flight 93 who with the cry "let's roll" took that plane back from the hijackers, potentially sparing the white house or the capitol as we now or later learned, had been targeted. and instead crashing into a field in pennsylvania. >> that spirit of selflessness, that spirit of determination and courage, is the enduring legacy of 9/11. it inspires our nation, it inspires our military, to ensure that such an attack will never happen again. we will never stop until we have made sure that america is safe. sn>> and joining me now is senar dianne feinstein, intelligence committee chair. is america safe, can we be sure an attack like that will never happen again? >> we can be be sure we've made many changes and learn some very hard lessons, andrea. one of the big changes is all the stove pipes are down, intelligence is red teamed, the fbi now has a national security branch, staffed by 10,000 people. i mean how could it be that people were learn
"] >> and the pentagon held its own memorial service on tuesday. president obama, defense secretary leon panetta, and joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey took part in the ceremony, honoring those injured in the attack. >> good morning. thank you for being here. we offer a special welcome to the family and friends of those we lost 11 years ago today. one of them was a chief warrant officer. his bench 67 than from the far right.-- seventh in from the far right. he served as a marine in vietnam, flying helicopters. joined the army national guard as a medivac pilot. he was loved by his students and moved by his deep commitment to them. one student said, he opened up my eyes and by heart to the world. many others became teachers, nurses, firefighters. bill retired from the classroom and return to serve in the pentagon. there is no doubt he lost his life that morning because he stops to help somebody. there were thousands like bill that day. life takes on meaning only as the causes to which we attach ourselves have meeting. -- have meaning. we become what we are through some cause we make our own. se
plans. >>> leon panetta takes new steps to stop sexual assaults in the military. >>> and the president addresses the u.n. his comments about the embassy attack that killed bay area native chris stevens. >>> and our reality check segment. will the new death penalty proposition really save california money? we crunch the numbers for you. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >>> it is a controversial debate. 14 people have been executed in california since 1976. with the cost to taxpayers in the billions according to some estimates. >> in tonight's reality check, sam br
year ends september 30th. >>> ahead of tomorrow's 9/11 anniversary, leon panetta will privately tour the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. >>> vice president joe biden is scheduled to speak at the memorial on tuesday. >>> finally, happy birthday to golf legend arnold palmer who turns 83 years old today. >>> all day long you can stay on top of the latest developments on those stories and others as they break on msnbc. tonight, be sure to watch brian williams with "nbc nightly news." finally, here is a look at what's coming up on the "today" show. from hantavirus, dr. oz has ways to protect your family from a deadly disease outbreak. actor tony danza shares lessons he learned after spending a year teaching. >>> stay tuned for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day on your nbc station. have a terrific monday.
. >> the interview with leon panetta appeared on cbs this morning today. a department of homeland security investigation has led to indictments concerning the hiring of illegal immigrants. a prosecutor in kansas city announced the indictments an hour ago, allegedly a couple that owns two hotels in the area knowingly hired undocumented workers and pay them less than others. the prosecutor said the workers sought out the hotels. >> there are not transported here by them, they came by their own accord. like a lot of people in the service industry. you know, they approached these employers, seeking employment. >> the owners face one count of conspiracy and five counts of harboring an undocumented workers for personal gain and if convicted they could lose their hotels. >> a dozen people rush to escape an apartment fire south of county fairgrounds in san jose, one person now in hospital with second-degree burns and patrick's zedillo is here with how the neighbors came to the aid of one another. >> i thank god that we were able to get out of there alive. >> after 3:00 a.m., an apartment caught fi
and pennsylvania leon panetta pay his respects to the 40 passengers and crew who died resisting hijackers aboard flight 93 bound for san francisco. he called the side in shanksville, pa. the final resting place for american patriots. final and new news for survivors of 911 the government has added 50 types of cancer that will be included in medical coverage. howe 1911 survivor copes 11 years later. >>> it is all metal >>> the long this car runs down his left leg and kidney cancer has left the new york city fireman with a metal hip and thigh bone. he blends the disease on months back at ground zero searching for men he work with and lost >>> a toxic mess, how many fluorescent bulbs were down there that is mercury how many computers >>> he has paid thousands and co-payments medicines and test when his cancer spread firefighters held a fund-raiser to help him pay for a new metal shoulder. the federal government did not include cancer is related to 911 he was shut out of the victims compensation fund. on the eve of the anniversary the federal government added 50 types of cancer to the list of 911 il
leon panetta. they were remembering the victims who died fighting to keep their plane from reaching the capitalcapital. >> they gave their lives for all they loved. they gave their lives for the families they loved and for the country they loved. and there is no greater sacrifice >> reporter: back in lower manhattan construction is resuming on the memorial museum that sat unfinished for nearly a year while the port authority, which owns the site, battled over financing with the memorial foundation. >> i'm gratified that on the eve of 9/11 we're able to announce an agreement that i think will ensure the completion of the 9/11 museum. >> without a museum this memorial doesn't teach you anything. it doesn't tell them anything about what happened on that day. >> reporter: a positive step forward on a project that for many will make this tribute complete. and some more relief for residents and first responders who have suffered from cancer due to debris following the terror attacks. the world trade center health program will now cover treatment for many of them. i'm danielle lee, back to
. monday, families already gathered near pennsylvania will gather with leon panetta. they died fighting to keep the plane from reaching the capital. >> they gave their lives for all they loved. they gave their lives for the families they loved and for the country they loved. and there is no greater sacrifice. >> back in lower manhattan construction is sitting there. the port authority that owns the sight battled over the financing for the foundation. >> on the eve of 9/11, we are able to announce an agreement that will ensure the completion of the 9/11 museum. >> without a museum, this memorial doesn't teach you anything. it doesn't tell them anything about what happened on that day. >> a positive step forward that will make this tribute complete. relief for residents and first responders who suffered from cancer, the world trade center health care program will now cover treatment for many of them. back to you. >> thanks danielle. >>> after a long summer break, congress is back in session in washington. on the agenda, they will try to pass a spending bill to finance the day-to-day opera
-- >> we'll have a chance to talk to him informally. >> that is dianne feinstein. leon panetta is also on capitol hill. the white house says there's no evidence so far suggesting the deadly attacks by libyan protesters was me pred tate -- premeditated. >>> turning to the bay area. there was drama overnight when a shooting came to an end. claudine wong has more. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. yes, school is in session here at fair oaks elementary school. official officials have put up tape marking where this clays came to an end. this morning, the principal got to school and the press and knew something it happened -- had happened. he quickly learned the damage to the front of the school all left behind by a high-speed chase that ended here. >> we have a school messenger system and we're -- we're getting people know they can come and that they are safe. >> reporter: the chase started here at magazine and lincoln, this spot two counties, three freeways and 16 miles away from where -- from where it all ended. >> m police say it started when vallejo detectives spotted the suspect vehi
, and defense secretary leon panetta were on hand to honor the men. in his comments, president obama praised the men's commitment and dedication and said that the sacrifice would never be forgotten. >> we turn right now to our top story, and that is the fact that there is this violence in sudan. we are joined now by a journalist in sudan, who joins me on the line from khartoum -- actually, i'm just hearing from our producer that we do not have that interview. we will move onto another story. anti-western violence has also exploded in tunisia. the country's official news agency said two protesters were killed and dozens wounded when islamist demonstrators stormed the u.s. embassy in the capital tunis. witnesses say a group of protesters managed to briefly into the embassy compound before police and soldiers could secure the area. hundreds of stone-throwing demonstrators continued to clash with security forces. there are also reports that the american school in the city has been set on fire. violent protests against the film also continue in egypt. and in cairo, protesters trying to reach the
iraq levying on a plan for adduced under george to be booed at -- under bush and leon panetta was asking to stay there passed the 2011 deadline. this president has not earned his nobel peace prize [applause] john: my audience watched much of the convention. what do they think? next. [applause] john: audience participation in. we're here with mark meckler who founded the biggest tea party group and nick gillespie from reason tv. from facebook, . >> i think it is the vote for a legitimate politician who has a great idea to let people live their lives. if mitt romney loses this election it is because republicans think and have not earned my vote. john: hadley has said different position. >> is a two horserace either mitt romney will be president or obama has four more years. we have the opportunity to affect the outcome. when reproach we are impacting we only have one vote to give. libertarians should evaluate which option is more liberty for a delay? >> obamacare has been sold us the answer to all health care issues. then why were so many unions and political allies given waiver
bureau in bangkok has the latest on what's going on in the region. >>> defense secretary leon panetta is set to visit japan, china, and new zealand this weekend. the trip is the latest move in the pivot to asia policy of the u.s. panetta is expected to discuss the territorial disputes during his trip to china. plans for panetta's tour were announced by pentagon spokesperson george little at a news conference on thursday. >> this weekend, secretary panetta will depart washington for his third visit to asia in eleven months as secretary of defense. >> the u.s. is urging china and the asean countries involved to draw up a legally binding code of conduct to ease tensions in the south china sea. the issue is likely to be a theme of panetta's visit to china. earlier this month, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton visited china and some asean countries. the obama administration is highlighting its policy shift, which places new emphasis on the asia-pacific region. >>> next we have news in brief. in cambodia, the release of a key figure of the former khmer rouge regime has been postponed.
of its sovereignty. the situation says leon panetta says china and japan are headed towards war. 50 cities in china reported acts of violence. less than two months before the election voters face a tough choice in choosing a president for them full of conflict. smart phone theft one of the fastest-growing crimes in the country. >>> we have the back to work forecast it shows a nice week on tap things will cool down will tell you how much and when after a break. >>> campaign 2012 going to be a busy week for both presidential candidates they travel through battleground states. less than two months before election day president obama goes to iowa tomorrow with stops in cincinnati and columbus he goes to new york florida and wisconsin mitt romney plans to court latino voters in los angeles he will speak to the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce and interview with the spanish network telemundo. he will hold events in texas. the awards a message in a tight presidential race some african american clergy see no good candidate in the race for president won who is a mormon and the other back sa
by afghan security officers. this morning in tokyo, leon panetta said he was concerned about the attack but the risks are part of war. >> we'll not lose sight of the fundamental mission here, which is to continue to proceed to assure a peaceful transition to afghan security and governance. >> reporter: on friday two u.s. marines were killed during an attack on a british air base in southern afghanistan. nato has apologized for an air strike that killed eight women and girls. they were gathering firewood in a remote area. nato planes attacked and were after insurgents. >>> pope benedict left libya yesterday calling for peace and urging an end to the violence. >>> during a campaign visit to ohio, president obama is expected to announce a new trade enforcement case against china. the -- the u.s. says u.s. manufacturers are at a disadvantage. between 2001 and 2010 jobs in the u.s. auto parts sector dropped by about half while imports of auto parts from china have increased seven times. ohio is a critical swing state where many blame china for lost manufacturing jobs. the president will camp
that six months out but yet we also heard leon panetta say last week they are a year out the u.s. believes from building a nuclear weapon. does the timing of this even matter? >> well yes it does but here here's what actually happens, heather. cia and mossad, the two intelligence services representing each country and they look at the data together and pretty much agree. when it gets to the u.s. lawmakers the time has to move to and right. when it gets to the israeli policymaker, in this case the prime minister, we're running out of time. i'm somewhat sympathetic to netanyahu. he knows this. he knows the intel analysts have been dead wrong in the past. the iranians stopped their nuclear development program in 2003. we did not know that until 2007. and then they restarted it again and we did not know that until two years later. so he doesn't want, he doesn't want to bet the surviveability of the nation-state on a wrong intelligence analysts report. heather: of course not. you buy israel's intelligence over the united states and what we are learning here, is that right? >> that's not what i
chiefs of staff says an increase in insider tax is a very serious threat to the war effort. leon panetta said the attacks are the last gasp of the taliban insurgency. >> trains are running on time again after a weekend explosion briefly shut down this station. parts says it was caused by an overload on a train that had stopped at the civic center station. there was no smoke or fire and the station was reopened about one hour later. >> >> outside right now we do have low clouds and fog extending on shore. partly cloudy skies into the bay right now. temperatures are running mainly in the fifties outside. we expect some sunshine in most spots of low numbers are running below average for this time of year. still 80s in the valleys but temperatures cooler than normal all around the bay area. >> let's go outside to our photographer at 101 and mckee road. san jose has been pretty much problem free for the most of the morning. headlights are moving north bound. everything looks pretty good out toward santa clara. this is kind of the pre metering light pattern where you can see fast-track plans a
. two u.s. marines died in the shootout. on a trip to asia, the defense secretary leon panetta called the insider attacks that last gasp of the taleban insurgency. >> every day when you are engaged in a war, there are serious risk that confront those that fight the war. >> nato commanders are reviewing procedures for protecting their own soldiers. at the state department, danielle nottingham, cbs 5. >> to pennsylvania judge announced today that jury sandusky will be sentenced for child abuse convictions next month. he was found guilty in june of 45 counts of sexual abuse involving nearly a dozen boys. prosecutors claim that some of those assaults happen on the penn state campus while jerry sandusky worked as an assistant coach. experts say that he is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison, sentencing is scheduled for october 9th. the woman the first broke the news of that sexual abuse scandal is in the south bay today, sharing her story in hopes of inspiring local journalism students. lisa washington is in san jose right now with more on the struggle that the reporter faced co
.s. secretary of defense visits the region. in japan, leon panetta warned against an escalation of tensions. >> we are concerned by the conflict that is taking place over the islands. the message i have tried to convey is the message that we have to urge calm and restraint on all sides. >> the also announced an agreement to place a second missile defense radar system in japan. the u.s. says it is designed to contain the north korean missile threat, but beijing may not see it like that. china has sent six surveillance ships to the disputed islands. for now, neither beijing are tokyo appears willing to back down. the worry is a miscalculation by either country could further raised tensions. >> one more note regarding china. president obama filed a complaint against beijing and the world trade organization over what the u.s. says are illegal subsidies. he made that announcement at a campaign speech in ohio after mitt romney accused him of being too soft and china's economic policy. china hit back by launching its own back, challenging u.s. duties on billions of dollars of chinese goods. still
to defuse the tension between japan and china. gemba and leon panetta met on monday. he said they pn to solve the problems calmly based on a broad perspective. >> translator: we agree that japan and the u.s. will work together to prevent relations from worsening. >> panetta met later in the day with japan's defense minister. panetta told reporters that tokyo and washington agreed the disputed islands are covered by the u.s.-japan treaty. he said the u.s. will not take sides and urged both countries to act with restraint. >> the united states as a matter of policy does not take position with regards to competing sovereignty claims. it's important that diplomatic means on both sides be used to try to constructively resolve these issues. >> japanese business people in china have looked out of their pla plants. they don't like what they see. what's t view from the facto factori factories. >> some are seeing protesters and they are pulling down their shutters as protesters turn nasty in china japanese are closing down their factories and stores. honda motor will stop operations at five pl
. gemba and leon panetta met in tokyo on monday. gemba said his government plans to resolve the problems calmly based on a broad perspective. >> translator: we agreed that japan and the u.s. will work together to prevent japan/china relations from worsening. >> panetta met later in the day with japan's defense ministers morimoto. panetta told washington agreed the disputes islands were covered by the security treaty. but he says the u.s. will not take sides and urged both countries to act with restraint. >> the united states as a matter of policy does not take a position with regards to competicompete ing sovereignty claims. it is extremely important that democratic means on both sides be used to try to constructively resolve these issues. >>> a japanese minister has presented the country's new energy policy to the international atomic energy agency. senior vice foreign minister told a conference in vienna about the goal to reach zero reliance on nuclear energy by the 2030s. >> but yamane hinted at flexibility on the schedule saying the road to zero reliance may not be a straight one. in
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